We believe in excellence, so we are building a robust website that will launch in April.


Welcome to the current landing page for LIV San Antonio.

LIV San Antonio exists to raise the next generation of leaders in our nation. It is our mission, our purpose, and our passion. We place parentless children into a family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing. All their physical needs are met.


Children are tomorrow’s future, so the manner in which they are raised will influence who they become. Poverty, abuse and neglect have resulted in many children being abandoned and orphaned. We want these children to grow up to be a generation that will influence positive change within America, our continent and indeed the world.


If these children are equipped with essential moral values and life skills, they truly can live lives that influence and inspire significance and lasting impact. The future plan is to see many villages across our land, raising future leaders, and ‘turning scars into stars’ by providing a fresh start in a supportive community.


The train is moving…. we invite you to get on board.

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