Pastor Rune is a proud father and grandfather of five children and eleven grandchildren. He was born and raised in a non-Christian home in Stockholm, Sweden but was converted at the age of 18.    

Pastor Rune's first wife, Elsa died of cancer in 1988. In 1990 He married Berta Toscano of San Antonio. They served together in Sweden and Eastern Europe as pastors and missionaries for almost 10 years.  In September, 1999 the Lord transplanted them in San Antonio.

Pastor Rune has been active in ministry since 1960:
•    In the 70’s he founded an Eastern European Missions organization and helped establish Youth Festivals in Sweden, which gathered 10,000 – 15,000 people
•    He also co-founded a national Christian publication in Sweden
•    In the 1980’s he arranged conferences in Eastern Europe together with local leaders (Thousands of Catholics and Protestants participated)
•    In the 90’s, Rune organized evangelistic outreaches together with others in Eastern Europe and planted a church in Macedonia which is thriving today

Today they pastor The King’s Mission Fellowship on the Southside of San Antonio. They are also active in networking with other pastors and leaders through the initiative they lead called the Southside Apostolic Hub.